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Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Devoted Cooks Cannot Resist Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Chocolate is one the most favored flavors ever in existence. It pleases the palate and has even been found to have important health benefits. That is all that most people need to hear to justify beloved, healthy dark chocolate. For these chocolate lovers, nothing else offers the satisfaction that comes from the end results of chocolate dessert recipes.

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Even when making non chocolate recipes, many cooks add a touch of chocolate. Whether it is the drizzle of chocolate on a presentation plate or a touch of syrup on ice cream, there is nothing like even this little touch of sweet satisfaction.

Professional cook Rachel Ray does not hide the fact that she does not bake. She does use chocolate as part of many of her quick and easy desserts. The Betty Crocker team has taken years of expertise to develop gluten-free cookies with chocolate. For the lovers of Epicurious there are recipes for decadent chocolate cakes, cookies, mousse and more. It is a little secret that is gradually getting out that just like their neighbors in Switzerland and Belgium, they have a chocolate specialty as well. There is even an academy devoted to teaching the best chocolate dessert recipes.

Unless a piece of sugarfree chocolate candy has been tried, it is hard to imagine how good it is. With today's cooking light focus it is possible to have the best of both worlds. While much of the low carbohydrate recipes are tasty, there are simple ways to add chocolate to a special diet.

Adding cocoa to a dish of ice cream or a cup of coffee can help that distinct craving that calls for chocolate. Chocolate truffles can even be made. There are some of the best sugarfree chocolate mousse recipes online. It is amazing what can be found to satisfy the need for chocolate dessert recipes.

A great way to end a dinner party is to have a special dessert. Recipes for chocolate trifle are easy to make. For the busy cook - it is possible to create this recipe quickly, without cooking. Another easy to make recipe is chocolate cream pie. Chocolate pudding, graham cracker crust, whipped cream and any garnish can be put together quickly. It is a popular potluck dish and the creator may be even be called a gourmet cook.

Chocolate dessert recipes are abundant and will continue to grow as long as people follow the call of chocolate.


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Mexican Chocolate and Chili Chocolate Recipes

By Jamie Ogilvie
The combination of cooking with chili and chocolate originated in Mexico with the Aztecs - it is very popular now worldwide. The Mexicans call their chilli chocolate sauce 'mole'. In Aztec society cocoa was prized so highly that prostitutes were paid in cocoa!

Chocolate Craving - How to Stop Craving For Chocolate

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Chocolate craving is a common occurrence among women. It can consume us especially when our period is about due. Most women simply give in to their craving and don't think that it is that big a deal, but for others the cravings are so intense that it becomes almost life consuming. If you are turning your house upside down to find chocolate or going out late to specifically get chocolate you are not alone! 90% of women experience chocolate cravings but often it is not taken seriously enough.

History of Mars Chocolate

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Chocolate is no doubt a favourite eatable of young and old people through out the world. Some people say that chocolate lovers are romantic and affectionate by nature.

5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate - Facts You Need to Know Before Enjoying

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But, before you go rummaging through year-old Halloween candy and stuffing your face with Snicker's and Tootsie Roll's, there's a few things you need to know. First, and most importantly, true dark chocolate is usually considered anything at or above 65% cacao.

Fun Chocolate Facts | History Of Chocolate Easter Bunnies | Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Who Invented Chocolate | Chocolate Dessert Recipes | Cocoa Recipes | Delicia Chocolate Truffles | Dan's Chocolates | Ghirardelli Chocolate Syrup | Chocolate Fountain Nostalgia